Hearing Insurance


Why do I need these plans?

Insurance may seem like just an another unwanted expense however once you learn why these types of insurance plans are important you will realize they are definitely worth it.  Dental, vision and hearing health is linked to your overall well-being.  This type of insurance coverage will give you peace of mind and help you save money in the long run.  And, believe or not, these insurance plans don’t have to be expensive either!  

Jersey Senior Advisors can show you a number of coverage options you can tailor to your priorities and budget.



If you only have original Medicare, it does not cover hearing aids. Part B does cover some hearing tests, such as diagnostic hearing and balance exams. You will have to go through your primary care provider for your initial screenings. Once they recommend that you need additional treatment, your Part B coverage will pay for a portion of the costs.

Medicare Beneficiary?

Ultimately what we have found works best is for our clients is to enroll in a stand alone plan that combines the dental, vision and hearing benefits. The monthly premium is low and allows you to have more coverage than what you would normally be provided otherwise with just original Medicare.

How would I enroll?

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